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Australia’s leading custom wine rack and wine cellar solution is Classic Cellars.

Custom made wine racks and wine room conversions are always a collaboration between what our customer wants, aesthetic appeal and function. Classic Cellars advises on insulation and we have our own dedicated climate control systems designed to do what air conditioning and freezer units cannot do- run at 14 -16 Celsius.

We cater for all wine lovers whose needs may range from state-of-the-art custom made below ground or walk-in pantry cellars built from the finest quality western red cedar timber or the timber of your choice. We also have our own brand of Classic Cellars temperature-controlled wine cabinets. There is only one thing worse than bad wine and that is wine served too cold or too warm. Our cabinets range from 40 - 400 bottle capacities in either fashionable matt black or timber grain finish and all come with a functional stylish stainless steel handle.

Serious collectors understand that wine needs to be properly cellared in order to maximise its potential and safeguard the investment of time spent on their collection.

Our before and after page shows a creative example of how unused book shelf areas can be turned into a climate controlled wine storage area in many areas of both modern and older style homes.

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Cellaring Tips

Cellaring Tip #1 - Location

Think temperature, light, humidity and vibration.

Cellaring Tip #2 - Diarise

Diarise your collection on the computer or in a wine diary. It makes it much easier to find the wine you want without having to disturb your valuable collection.

Cellaring Tip #3 - Neck Tags

Neck tags also make it easy to locate your wine. The last thing you want to be doing before a dinner party is hunting for your special bottle of wine.
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