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About Classic Cellars

Why choose Classic Cellars - 'Wine Storage Solutions'?

James Malone, the man behind Classic Cellars unashamedly describes himself as a perfectionist.
He insists he's not on an ego trip. He says he cannot afford to be anything less when it comes to designing and building wine cellars to properly house collections of fine wine for his clients.
What drives him is his own passion of fine wine and his frustration when he sees good wine not being properly cared for.
His primary concern when building a cellar is controlling the four key elements that safeguard a collection; temperature, humidity, vibration and light.
Any one of these factors can ruin valuable wine if there is no control system in place which is why he pays so much attention to researching and testing a site before building commences.
When the cellar itself has been properly controlled, the excitement of designing and furnishing it is next on the agenda.
A below ground cellar or walk-in pantry becomes a unique feature and a show piece in a home so the design and fittings not only have to look right, they also have to be functional.
While James is flexible in the selection of wine rack fittings he mostly uses western red cedar that exudes a chocolaty aroma which, he says, adds to the overall ambiance and warmth of the room.
In consultation with his clients James prepares drawings that illustrate display and presentation suggestions that may include a combination of flat holes, inclined holes, diamond shaped bins and cascade ends.
It comes as no surprise therefore that leading architects, builders and property developers have commissioned Classic Cellars to build cellars in some of Australia's finest homes.
After all, with over 40 years as a master craftsman and 12 years as the industry leader, it's no wonder that James Malone has earned the enviable reputation as the undisputed pioneer and doyen of the industry.

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