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Custom Made Wine Cellars - Timber Racks

The Importance of Cellaring

Cellaring your wine should be considered just as important as keeping your family jewels in a safe!

Having made a substantial investment in your wine collection, the last thing you want is to discover your fine wine has turned into rancid vinegar. So forget about storing your wine under the stairs or the bottom of a wardrobe if you are looking for long-term maturity because these locations simply don’t work.

If you have a collection of 20 dozen plus you should seriously consider creating a room in your home to properly store your wine. The walk-in pantry cellar for example, is a great solution mainly because there are no stairs to negotiate and also because they can be located close to the dining or entertaining area.

The ultimate solution of course is the below ground cellar that in most cases can be designed to accommodate a tasting and entertaining space.

Below ground and walk-in pantry cellars are designed and built to achieve full potential and long term maturity for wine because temperature, humidity, light and vibration can be properly controlled.

And if you are planning a cellar as part of your home renovation, ask your builder to talk to us first to avoid expensive cost blow-outs. Remember a cellar not only becomes a feature, it adds substantial value to your property.

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